Shower Idols


I joined the Shower Idols pop choir in April 2007 and have become addicted to singing in this pop choir.
At first it was an escape away from daily routine and taking care of kids and work, but I realised it means a lot more to me. 

Every week I turn up to practise singing (some weeks were difficult to get out the door, cook and have dinner, feed family, prepare for next day of school and work, tireness, have Marc be home in time for me to get to singing to take care of kids) and yet, every week I have a lot a fun and an inspired and impressed by others. Once I start singing I am concentrating on the words and all my problems and stress disappear. It has given me a great deal of confidence, good exercise for the lungs but mostly a whole new group of friends. I come home refresh and feeling happy after singing. 

We appeared on TV for Battle of Choirs. Even though we didn't get pass the first round the experience was truly enlightening but mostly fun. A lot of time and effort was put into it and made our group bond together. I will always remember this.

Our new project is a releasing a CD for Christmas 2008 and in the New Year a DVD. We also will be performing with Encore at Castle Hill RSL on the 1st February.

So, have I enticed you to join the Shower Idols? 
If so you can go to or email me and I can tell you more about it. It is truly a great honour to be part of such an inspirational group - The Shower Idols.

Lisa Ridey
One of the Shower Idols (Alto)
Singing Shower Idol Snoopy Collector in Sydney (hee hee)
Written 8 December 2008