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NAME James Lawrence Ridey
DATE OF BIRTHTuesday, 24 June 1997
AGE1 year
TEETH2 teeth and 3rd and 4th approaching
HAIRLots of Fine Brown/Black Hair - similar to Dad's
WEIGHT12 kg and gaining. Solid build
OBJECTIVESTo be a good child, experience life, EAT to live or live to eat
Teach my parents new behaviours - how to be my slaves
EMPLOYMENTFood Taster - specialising in sweet things
Umpiring ladies tennis every Wednesday
Road safety and comfortability tester - sleep in cars and prams
Mother's Group in Dundas area every Monday
Shopping in all major shopping centres 
- specialising in sales and bargains and finding baby change rooms
Depleting Dad's hard working cash flow 
Keep the grandparents on their toes every Tuesday
EDUCATIONSelf taught/Parent teaching
Smiling at funny adults and things
Laughing all the time
Major in Sleep-rology
Sucking left thumb and Mum's scarf or my pillow
Sleeping through the night after 2 months old
Sleeping in noisy places and grandparent's place
Wake up smiling and call parents to get me breakfast NOW
Major in Eating - Gastonomical 
- how much food I can eat in one mouth full
- potatoes, fruits, sweet things, anything
- drinking juice - maximum 8 cups in a day
- making as much mess as possible, throwing food from high chair
Black belt in Crawling
White belt in Walking
ACHIEVEMENTSYear Of the Child Award 1998 Open Family
Cover of Parents Magazine 1998 
Tour of France and Japan 1998
INTERESTEating, Eating, Eating
People eating and People who give me food
Sleeping, sleeping
Watching TV especially Powerball, Lotto and food advertisements
Snoopy and Pingu
Keys, Mobile Phones and TV Remote Controls


REFERENCESFree access to Snoopy Museum
Huge toy collection, Fisher Price, Tomy, many soft toys
Mobile Phone 
Red wooden table and chairs
My smile, beautiful eyes, long eyelashes and fine dark hair
Mummy, Daddy, Grandparents and some relatives and friends