My life story


I have the largest Snoopy collection in Australia which makes my collection unique and different and been to Japan more than 20 times. I’ve entered 4500 things on a database so they are all categorised. 

In 1994 Marc and I got engaged. I wasn't too sure if I should get married, but who could say 'No' when presented a big fat cuddly Snoopy, plus a diamond ring. (Not as important).

On 3rd June 1995, Marc and I got married, so that we could be on our honeymoon in Minneapolis for Beaglefest. 

Snoopies were on the wedding car. Of course they were sitting on the cake table making sure they were the first to get a slice of wedding cake. 

One of the biggest surprises was on the wedding night when Marc gave me a gold diamond Snoopy ring. The ring was bought in Japan by the best man and then Marc had a jeweller add a diamond collar to Snoopy's neck, which was planned at least 2 years ahead of time. 

Now it is 2005 and it is coming up to our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I have 3 children, James is 7 years old, Christian is 6 Years old and Madeleine is 3 years old. We have Snoopy on each side of the car, Snoopy letter box, Snoopy sign on the front of the house, Snoopy room as big as a double garage to put all 4500 Snoopy things.

Reflecting back on my life so far, I realised that my Snoopy collection is important but not as important as my children and life and all the memories that are attached to a Snoopy item.

My life drastically changed after 5 days after Christian was born. I had no idea there was anything wrong until the doctor told us he had some bad news … Your child has Down Syndrome… I didn’t understand what he said, I replied, ok, give the medicine and I will take care it. Of course I didn’t know what I was talking about. Then I instantly pick up Christian and hugged him and cried and cried. I don’t know what else the doctor said. I called my parents because they are always there when I need them and they can fix any problem. But, not this time. I wanted to run away, I wanted to go to another planet, I didn’t want this baby. I couldn’t believe what was happening. How could this be?

I went to 3 doctors appointments per day. They checked everything.
Over a few months, I started to accept Down Syndrome and then…

At 2 ½ months Christian had Open Heart surgery. He spent 7 days in Intensive Care. We had a tough beginning, and now we were fighting for him to live. I still had to take care of James who is 15 months older than Christian. 

When Christian was 1 years old, I had depression and was very angry. I wonder if I would smile again. We hired a full time live in nanny and there I was able to catch on sleep and to think more clearly. So many times I asked Why me? And then I began to realised Why NOT me?

Christian has taught me so many things. He taught me not to worry until you really need to worry. Everybody has at least 1 tragedy but I never looked at it this way any more. There is a lot more worst things happening in this world. He has been a blessing in disguise.

Now, Christian is doing well, we all are doing well. His nickname is Cheeky Monkey as he has a sense of humour. When the teacher tells him to do something he signs Shhh! When the swimming instructor tells him to do something he splashes water on them.

I still love and enjoy my Snoopy collection but it has taken a huge step back in priority of life. 

Written October 2005 for Life Stories Course 


It was a perfect summer evening, the air was warm, no need to wear a jumper, so refreshing to be outside walking along the river side, the water is shimmering in the light of a perfect round full moon, water gently lapping up against the wall, and soft music flowing through the air.

I am standing on a rickety suspending bridge and looking far out at the distant of the bright lights of the city, that seem to twinkle like Christmas lights. The stars glistens against the dark blue clear sky. It is so peaceful, so beautiful and so perfect and so right.

He too is so perfect, he is like a dream. His straight hair strays gently over his eyes brows as the warm air flows around us. His eyes are so dark and so intense looking at me as if I am the only one there. I can smell his cologne, it just makes me want to breathe in more. His smooth lips glisten as he speaks. He is standing next to me smiling and happy excitingly talking about the dinner and movie we just saw, but then he is quiet and restless, for a moment.

He takes my hand and he looks deeply into my eyes. His hands feel warm and I feel a connection with his warm energy. I feel his love and I feel perfect and complete. I feel my heart pounding faster even though I tried to pretend my pulse is going slower. I gulp for air as I am nervous as to what’s going to happen next. I try not to let the nervousness take over and hope he doesn’t notice either. I feel him leaning forward to give me a soft kiss, so I slowly close my eyes, and anticipate his kiss.

But then suddenly I hear a whispering voice call my name - Lisa, and again softly he calls my name Lisa and I feel his hand gently strokes the side of my face. I open my eyes but your mouth is not moving, You are just standing there Then again I hear a voice “Sweetie, it’s breakfast time” I am thinking HUH! What’s going on? “It’s not morning, it’s night time, You never call me Sweetie. Oh, That’s not your voice either, I realise. 

Suddenly I am forced back to reality, I was dreaming I’m not with you, I’m not on a bridge, I’m not on the riverside on a summer evening. I am in an aeroplane with the loud noise of the engine humming continuously and you aren’t my boyfriend, you are the steward on the aeroplane waking me up for a boring breakfast tray. I know there is only a few passengers in the back of this plane, but why why why did you wake me up for breakfast. Did I say I wanted to be woken up for breakfast? What a let down! 

I close my eyes again to just to re-live this moment again but the imagine is gone, I can’t see it clearly any more. Just a few seconds more was all I needed.