And then ...

 AND THEN ... 


Written 25 February 1997 

Published in Peanuts Newsletter Issue III 1997 

So much has happened in my life with Snoopy since I last wrote for the Peanuts People page introducing myself. As all collectors know, life is far more interesting when it includes a cute beagle. 

I say it is always an even better day when I receive Snoopy things for my collection and I come to life when I hear/see/feel/think/talk/buy anything about Snoopy. 

I have a lot of people to thanked for that. Marc my husband - he is always surprising me and I feel so happy to have 1 in a million Snoopy (no I mean husband) (more about him later), Agnes Lau and Chuck Macy- these people are always helping me and Marc know what's new and what's happening in USA over the ocean far away by all sorts of communication by fax, phone, computer, mail. Andrea Podley - if it wasn't for Andrea's newsletter and being able to be in the club I wouldn't have so many Snoopies, would be lonely living in my own world of Snoopy and never met or know about other people with the same passion. 

There have been major changes in my life and in my Snoopy collection. I have more than 1600 Snoopies and still increasing. I enter all Snoopies on a database. I'm sure that there are a few Snoopies I haven't counted. 

In 1994 Marc and I got engaged. I wasn't too sure if I should get married, but who could say 'No' when presented a big fat cuddly Snoopy.

So, in 1995 Marc and I got married. The wedding was spectacular and I still remember how much fun we had and how happy we were. We were on cloud Snoopy I'm sure. We got married 3 June. The reason why we chose this date is so that we could be on our honeymoon in Minneapolis for Beaglefest. Does life evolve around Snoopy or does Snoopy evolve around life? 

Snoopies were on the wedding car. Marc warned me not to have too many Snoopies at the wedding but to my surprise more Snoopies than I thought came to the wedding. Snoopies were there to even catch the bouquet and garters. Of course they were sitting on the cake table making sure they were the first to get a slice of wedding cake and to guard it from other guests. I'm sure the Snoopies had a good time at the wedding. They were mentioned several times at the wedding and even after the wedding. Maybe more than the bride and groom. 

One of the biggest surprises was on the wedding night when Marc gave me a gold diamond Snoopy ring. The ring was bought in Japan by the best man and then Marc had a jeweller add a diamond collar to Snoopy's neck, which was planned at least a or 2 years ahead of time. 

Not only we were there for Beaglefest but Marc planned a 6 weeks honeymoon to Japan, USA, Canada and France. As we travelled the world in search for Snoopy my luggage was getting too much and I had to send 1 hugh and heavy box back to Sydney.
Beaglefest was fantastic. You have to go and it's definitely not event to miss.
I met lot of other people who share the same interest and were all nice. I've come to the conclusion that anyone who likes Snoopy has extremely good taste and an exceptionally nice person. 

Beaglefest was tiring and we had too much fun with so many exciting and well organised activities happening. Marc and I were having trouble keeping up. Marc enjoyed it just as much as I did, then we went to France for a rest and have another wedding party for all Marc's friends and relatives.

I really enjoyed the Beaglefest Saturday's Market. I have never seen so many new and old Snoopy things for sale in one room. It was just amazing. For fun, we sold a few things from Japan that I bought. Ceramics sold first. It is hard for me to sell or part with Snoopy things